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Christmas Light Installation in Portland, Oregon

Christmas Lights By Crestview Window CleaningDon’t like heights? We do! Allow us at Crestview Window Cleaning in Portland, OR, to safely produce an appealing aura around your home at this time of year. Install dazzling clear or colored outdoor Christmas lights to define your house’s lines and peaks. They’ll warm the bleak winter sky with glowing colors that cheer you and likely your envious neighbors.

Northwest winters, slippery ladders, and today’s taller homes can make setting up seasonal lights a risky task. That’s why many people are turning to professionals. With our help, you can make this season memorable! Call us today at 503-227-5907, to schedule an appointment.

Design the look for your home this holiday season with a free quote from a seasonal lighting professional. A typical custom installation will have light strings that follow the architectural lines or gutters of your house. The charge to put lights in place is determined by the linear foot. At Crestview Window Cleaning, we factor in the removal of lights to all installation packages. Options for storage are also available. From your roof or gutter line, trees and shrubs, your home will make the creative statement you desire and glow in the spirit of the season. Call today at 503-227-5907, for a free estimate and design.

Our Holiday light installation includes all labor to install and remove, timers, clips, plugs, and extension cords. Our lights come with a 3 years warranty.

  • Sales of high quality commercial product
  • Installation (your product or ours)
  • Removal: all products taken down in January
  • Storage: will store your lights for you

3 Reasons to Call Us

  1. Safety
  2. Convenience
  3. Bragging Rights

125′ of C-9 Holiday Lights

Crestview Window Cleaning - Christmas Lighting - The Elf


200′ of C-9 Holiday Lights

Crestview Window Cleaning - Christmas Lighting - The Frosty

The Frosty

300′ of C-9 Holiday Lights
Crestview Window Cleaning - Christmas Lighting - The Rudolph

The Rudolph

Completely Custom
We Will Make Your Vision Come to Life!
Crestview Window Cleaning - Christmas Lighting - The Santa

“The Santa”

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