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Commercial Window Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

Crestview Window Cleaning Commercial Window CleaningAt Crestview Window Cleaning in Portland, OR, we understand that you don’t have time to worry about your commercial window cleaner. We provide safe and reliable professional window cleaning. We use a water fed pole system to stand safely on the ground while we safely clean and rinse windows accessible to fifty (50) feet. Call us today at 503-227-5907 to schedule a site visit and a window cleaning estimate.

De-ionized Water Solution

De-ionized water solution (DI), is a reverse osmosis filtration system. Water is pressurized in a tank through a combination of positive and negative semi-permeable resins that dissolve hard mineral deposits. With a water fed pole we are capable of providing 99% pure water used to agitate, clean, and create a “spot free” rinse to a window.

Our Services include:

  • Window cleaning inside and out
  • Exterior only
  • Buildings equal to or less than three stories.

Water Fed Pole System

The water fed pole system is the most practical method to clean high, hard to reach windows, when rope descent systems, lifts, ladders, or even stages are not an option. The water fed pole system is an adjustable telescopic pole with a single poly vinyl hose that carries treated water … Read more

Why introduce a Water Fed Pole System to your Facility?


Water fed poles allow work to be completed in half the time of other standard window cleaning methods.


Eighty percent of the buildings in the United States are 2 to 5 stories. Often landscaping, parking areas and building design do now allow proper access to glass surfaces with other forms of equipment.


Work is conducted up to 50 feet without the use of rope descent systems, lifts, ladders, or stages.

Call Today for a Free Estimate on Your Window Cleaning Project 503-227-5907