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Residential Window Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

Crestview Window Cleaning Residential Window CleaningAll estimates are free in the state of Oregon. At Crestview Window Cleaning in Portland, OR, we help determine the number of windows you have. This is a little more than counting the windows. It takes into account style and size. We then establish how much a residential window cleaning project costs. Please call for an estimate at 503-227-5907. If you need a more definitive number; we are happy to stop by and provide a bid in writing.

To touch on size, the average window falls within the range of 3′ wide by 5′ high. However, a number of windows sold and installed in residences today are custom-made. Windows are manufactured with an extensive array of sizes and numerous configurations. Style is also taken into consideration as noted. Styles include: Storm windows, French panes, skylights, double-hung, gliding, picture, casement, and bay/bow windows. Door styles include stationary, hinged, or sliding glass doors. Please note that storm windows and French panes commonly found in older homes require additional time and labor. The rate per window is more, and they’re factored accordingly.

As a courtesy to you, we supply a generic list of average cost projections for our window cleaning service. These are sample properties that are modern and may not reflect the exact characteristics of your home. Restrictions do apply.



Equal to or less than 1500 Square Feet
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

Regularly $219



Crestview Window Cleaning Medium Homes

Approx 2500 Square Feet
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

Regularly $319

Exterior Only Price $163



Crestview Window Cleaning Large Home

Approx 3500 Square Feet
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

Regularly $419

Exterior Only Price $225



Approx 4500 Square Feet
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

Regularly $519

Call Today for a Free Estimate on Your Window Cleaning Project 503-227-5907